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Personal Vision


Why do I exist? Why do people like to interact with me? What is my purpose?


Living Vision engages in coaching Entrepreneurs, Owners, Executives and Senior Managers in defining their own personal vision.


In a world of too much it is essential to follow your own plan to master the challenges that modern life brings along to enjoy it to the fullest:


1. Making a positive impact on your life and the lives of others


2. Regaining mastery of your own life


3. Creating and making necessary changes happen


4. And last but not least engage with your loved ones


Your outcome of our commitment is:


  • An empowering personal vision

  • An inspirational and engaging leadership style

  • A powerful set of leadership tools to master the daily challenges

  • A higher level self-awareness and increased serenity

  • A clear action plan to bring the vision alive

  • A guiding frame of principles how to live up to the personal vision


The following 4 core elements serve as coaching base to define your personal vision:

  • Vision & Claim (VC)

  • Mission & Objectives (MO)

  • Values & Principles (VP)

  • Responsibilities & Skills (RS)

Commercial Essentials (CE)


  • Sales Perception & Reality

  • Powerful Questions & Attentive Listening

  • Social Media Contact Support

  • From Cold Calling to Hot Calling

  • Key Attitudes in Sales

Commercial Challenges (CC)


  • First Commercial Meeting

  • Appreciative Communication

  • Dealing with Objections

  • Price Negotiation

  • ABC – Always Be Closing

Vision & Claim (VC)

  • Why do you exist?

  • Why do people like to interact with you?

  • What is your own claim?

  • Why do people engage with you?

Mission & Objectives (MO) 

  • Where do you want to be in 3 years professionally and privately?

  • To be in line with your vision and mission which objectives do you still need to achieve this year?

Large Accounts (LA)


  • Understanding Client Business

  • Handling Competition

  • From Problem to Solution Selling

  • Active Networking Business Growth

  • Client Performance Review

Values & Principles (VP) 

  • Which ethical framework will support your vision?

  • What are the core behavior principles you want to live up to, to be in line with your vision?

Responsibilities & Skills (RS) 

  • Based on your vision what are your key responsibilities in your business and your private life?

  • Which competencies do you need to develop to live your vision?

Coaching Design

In the design phase of your executive coaching program we will define and elaborate together:

  • The concrete scope of your coaching (Objectives and number of sessions)

  • The e-questionnaire to prepare your coaching

  • The desired number of stakeholders to be interviewed prior to your coaching (e.g. clients, employees, family, friends, superiors, providers, etc.)

  • The integration of a 360° survey

  • The role of your superior before, during and after your coaching (if applicable)

  • The amount of in-vitro (away from work) and in-vivo (during work) coaching sessions



Coaching Methodology


In this coaching program one cannot escape: With a pro-active and positive confron-ational coaching style the coachee is led to concrete and sustainable results:


  • Each coaching session will last a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 hours


  • Each session starts with a briefing and ends with a debriefing including a concrete action plan until the next session based on the scope of the coaching


Each session is split in two main parts:


A) Strategic Part

Addressing the 4 core elements (VC, MO, VP and RS) to be built over 4 – 6 sessions


B) Operational Part

Addressing your current issues developing leadership and commercial behaviors

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