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Impactful Commercial Behavior


What is the added value of your vision to your customers? Why should clients buy from you?


Living Vision engages to support you to define your claim on the market based on your vision. Customers in the 21st century do not buy just products and services anymore they want to be part of a story, they themselves want to make history… to be ahead and apart... with your products and services!


Your sales force needs to be fit to meet the daily challenges of being the human interface between your virtual market claim and your clients with their real needs and problems.


Your outcome of our commitment is:


  • Your sales force is enabled to transform successfully your vision and your market claim into every commercial conversation with your customers


  • They are able to create real value for your clients having a positive impact on your own business


  • Your sales force becomes the preferred and trusted partner of your clients understanding their client’s business in-depth – even better than themselves


The following 4 core commercial behavior modules serve as best practice frame to build and deliver your specific commercial program aligned with your company’s vision and your client strategy:

  • Commercial Essentials (CE)

  • Commercial Challenges (CC)

  • Large Accounts (LA)

  • Key Accounts (KA)

Leading Essentials (LE)


  • Perception & Reality

  • Powerful Questions

  • Attentive Listening

  • Engaging Appreciation

  • Inspring Target Setting

Leading Oneself (LO)


  • Setting Priorities

  • Daring to say ‚No‘

  • Dealing with Stress

  • Emotional Competence

  • Appreciative Communication

Commercial Essentials (CE) 

  • Sales Perception & Reality

  • Powerful Questions & Attentive Listening

  • Social Media Contact Support

  • From Cold Calling to Hot Calling

  • Key Attitudes in Sales

Commercial Challenges (CC) 

  • First Commercial Meeting

  • Appreciative Communication

  • Dealing with Objections

  • Price Negotiation

  • ABC – Always Be Closing

Key Accounts (KA) 

  • Key Account Plans

  • Value Creation

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Project Management

  • Escalation Process

Leading Individuals (LI)


  • Empowering People

  • Engaging Decision Making

  • Performance & Development Dialogues

  • GROW Coaching Model

  • Handling Underperformance

Large Accounts (LA) 

  • Understanding Client Business

  • Handling Competition

  • From Problem to Solution Selling

  • Active Networking Business Growth

  • Client Performance Review

Program Design


During the design phase we will decide together with you which commercial behavior elements are most needed to support your vision and client strategy:


  • To design your program we are experienced to working closely together with your internal commercial experts as well as with your external business consultants aligning your commercial program to your sales process and your customer management system (including CRM)


  • To allow you to measure the impact of your commercial program we recommend to put in place an Impact Measurement Platform I.M.P. with your commerical leadership team defining the desired KPIs to be positively impacted by your program (e.g. customer satisfaction index, conversion rate, new vs. old business, sales people achieving their sales objectives, etc.)


  • We recommend that your establish a sales leadership program before running the sales program to make your commercial managers (e.g. sales managers, marketing managers, product managers, etc.) fit to lead and interact in an engaging and committed way with your sales force



Program Methodology


Commercial people in this program cannot escape: With a pro-active and positive confrontational training style the different commercial behaviors are practiced in front of the training group:


  • For each topic of each module Mnemonic Aid Cards M.A.C. with a clear commercial behavior checklist are provided for future reference, allowing your sales force to implement your corporate client strategy in the market successfully


  • These Mnemonic Aid Cards M.A.C. can be easily adapted to the desired commercial language based on your company’s vision and client strategy


  • Should you already have a learning platform on your corporate intranet we can up-load these Mnemonic Aid Cards M.A.C. effortlessly (Supporting your program with blended learning elements is re-commended – our experts may advise you)


  • After each topic each sales person will define concrete actions to be implemented after the training on his/her commercial action plan linked to the Impact Measurement Platform I.M.P.


  • These action plans are followed up by the superior of the participating sales people to ensure successful implementation: Each supeiror of your participating sales professionals receive the comprehensive Living Vision Caoching Kit L.V.C.K. to support them in their important coaching role before, during and after the program to bring your vision impactfully to the market


  • Sequential vs. consecutive program approach: We recommend to run each module in a sequential order with a practical application period of 4 to 8 weeks between the modules to increase the transfer into the daily commercial routine of each sales person – From ‘Knowing-how’ via ‘Showing-how’ to ‘Being-how’ creating real value for your company’s client


Each module is designed for a 2 day program of behavior training with a commercial group of 8 to 12 people – the full program is recommended to be delivered in sequential mode over 4 x 2 program days in the course of 6 to 12 months bringing your vision alive on the market

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